Things are looking up for Indian gamblers. While it took a while for India to catch up to the world when it comes to online casino gaming, we are certainly well past the infancy stages. As of late, numerous casino companies have woken up to the reality of how the immense customer base could reap them some excellent rewards. Obviously, it is a win-win situation for all the parties involved. Those who want to try their luck at winning now have an increasing number of casinos to try, and Rupee Casinos is here to bring you access to the very best ones. Moreover, we always bring you the truth, only the truth, and nothing but the truth, in order to help you make decisions based on what is the most favourable course of action to you.

In this review, we are going to turn our focus to one particularly interesting online casino brand. Established in 2019, 4starsgames must be one of the most visually impressive casinos we have ever laid our eyes on. Some could argue that you should never judge a book by its cover and that this also applies to the most beautiful of books, but we do think that aesthetically-pleasing visuals are a great starting point. In other words, they can be a strong sign of the casino’s undeniable willingness to go the extra mile to provide customers with high quality.

While the name of 4starsgames might sound somewhat modest, we can guarantee that you are in for a true 5-star online casino experience here.

What is 4starsgames?

When we first heard the name 4starsgames, we did not really have high expectations for it. In fact, we first thought this would be one of those Curacao-licensed online casinos that are not necessarily the safest bunch out there. Suffice to say we were pleasantly surprised when we first arrived at the casino and saw that it was actually licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority instead.

Indian players should know that the MGA license is undoubtedly the best in the industry. The Malta Gaming Authority has been overseeing the online gambling industry for years now and always makes sure that companies under its license abide by the strictest rules possible. This, in turn, serves to make sure that customers are well taken care of and do not have to be afraid of scams. What is more, the MGA license also means that your personal information will be stored safely and treated with the utmost care.


Due to the fierce competition in the online gaming industry, most online casinos out there are willing to give you at least some sort of bonuses when you open your account with them. Not all of these bonuses are mutually good. However, as some casinos out there will be more generous than others. It all comes down to the owners’ willingness to take risks and the strength of their character. What is more, some bonuses might have limited availability or be subject to limited maximum withdrawals. Thus, it is always vitally important to carefully read all the terms and conditions before surrendering yourself to numbers and promises that only look good on the surface. Having said that, this should not be too much of a problem since there are still plenty of outstanding casino bonuses out there.

Next, we will go through 4starsgames Casino’s welcome offer as well as its other ongoing promotions.

Welcome bonus ₹8,000 + 50 free spins (casino)

While we can certainly appreciate that 4starsgames is giving us a match-up bonus that goes all the way up to ₹8,000, we are even happier about the actual promotional terms associated with this very bonus. Instead of your usual wagering requirements, this casino actually promises to never feature any wagering requirements on their website. Ever.

How it all works is that your bonuses always get treated as something that 4starsgames likes to call promotional credits. You cannot withdraw these credits, but it is what you can do with them that blows most online casino bonuses out of the water. To explain, you can cash out everything that you win on top of your promotional credits straight away. Let us explore this more thoroughly with an example.

The player deposits ₹2,000 and gets ₹2,000 (+ 50 free spins on Starburst) on top and starts playing. After a while, her balance is ₹6,800. This means that she can throw away her ₹2.000 bonus and withdraw ₹4,800. No matter how much she plays, she can always withdraw everything that remains on top of the promotional credits (although this is subject to minimum withdrawal rules, of course).

At Rupee Casinos, we have seen countless casino bonuses in our time, but this one might honestly just take the cake. And, to make things even better, there is also a second deposit bonus of 50% up to ₹16,000 available for those wanting to try their luck again after the welcome mat has already been rolled halfway back. This second bonus is only available for the site’s exclusive Bombagames slots, however. (We will tell you more about the game provider in question when we get to the games section!)

10% Beam Back Bonus

On top of the welcome offer and other periodically hosted campaigns (check the casino page for the most up-to-date information), 4starsgames also offers a so-called Beam Back Bonus for all of their players who like to play on Monday. The name “beam back” apparently is code for “cashback,” which means that players can get up to 10% of their possible net losses back with no questions asked. You can also withdraw this cashback if you desire to do so.

The actual cashback amount can be either 5% or 10%, depending on which games the player has been playing. Those who have played Bombagames slots will be entitled to a 10% cashback, whereas those who have played any other products will be entitled to 5% instead.

Stellar Stream Loyalty Points

With so many Indian online casinos popping up these days, many brands have opted to create loyalty points systems that reward players for continued support. As you play your favourite games at 4starsgames, you will also be collecting stars. The more money you wager, the more stars you will earn. And, with more stars, you will get more promotional credits to aid you on your journey of trying to win real money.

Again, those playing exclusive Bombagames slots are being given preferential treatment. In other words, money wagered on Bombagames slots will earn stars at an increased pace.

Friend Referrals Worth ₹500 apiece

Do you know someone who you think would appreciate the glory and the amazing welcome offer of 4starsgames? If you do, there is a prize for everyone who you invite who makes a minimum deposit of at least ₹2,000. The more people you invite, the more money you earn as a result.

Even by only looking at the all the lucrative 4starsgames bonuses, we at Rupee Casinos can tell that this casino is one for the ages. Naturally, we are especially taken by how phenomenal this casino’s way of constructing bonuses is. Instead of wagering requirements that seem to go on forever, this brand has found a way to keep things a lot fairer and more transparent than the vast majority of its competition. To put it simply, we would be ecstatic if every casino out there followed suit and turned their bonuses into this wager-free kind. Hopefully, this could be the future of iGaming?

If you will be playing somewhere and have not yet taken advantage of 4starsgames’ welcome offer, we sincerely urge you to do it. You might just be surprised how fun it is to play with bonuses like this.


By this point, we were already mightily on-board with what 4starsgames had to offer—and we had not even taken a look at the tremendous games selection just yet. You should know about us at Rupee Casinos that even after years of gambling, we have never lost our spark for high-quality online slot machines and live casino gaming. This is the kind of stuff that you can always revisit and have a grand old time doing it—especially with breathtaking casino bonuses like the one that 4starsgames has to offer.

During our time with 4starsgames‘ casino offering, we decided to play a couple of our old favourites and one of the casino’s exclusive Bombagames slots.


Remember when we mentioned that you would also get free spins on your first deposit? These spins are indeed for Starburst and can win you extra credits to keep you afloat for longer. The best thing about this classic and hugely popular slot is its utter simplicity. Although there are no free spins or bonus games available, Starburst can still provide you with tons of entertainment with its 10 paylines that can pay you from both left to right and right to left. In addition to this, there is the stacked wild feature (pictured above) where you get a re-spin for landing the special symbol on your reels… While the game was released already in 2012, it still packs a nice punch and is an appropriate slot for you to start your casino journey at 4starsgames with.

Of course, we would be remiss if we did not talk more about Bombagames and its exclusive games. As we already mentioned before, several of the casino’s bonus features encourage players to try this long-standing Croatian game provider’s games. Since we have seen tons of slots in our lifetime, we must admit that we were quick to assume that these exclusive games would not be as great as the word exclusive cracks them up to be. You see, the best game providers in the business always have huge budgets for their games and, unlike these smaller providers, are facing stiff competition from everyone else. That being said, our fears of mediocrity were proven somewhat unfounded by Bombagames’ Skythor; an intriguing sci-fi-themed slot with an undeniably catchy soundtrack. Skythor seemed very decent indeed with its crisp graphics and fun little features—nothing you would typically find from the bargain bin. However, the most impressive thing about Bombagames must be that it has been around since 2007. The provider has a little over 20 slots available at 4starsgames, and those looking for something completely new should take notice.

The next game that we went to was Big Time Gaming’s likewise popular Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. This game is obviously based on the famous TV show format known in India as well as all over the world. Instead of answering trivia questions on your way to huge life-altering wins, however, here you are spinning reels and hoping for the special megaways to work in your favour. Complete with the TV show’s iconic and exhilarating theme music, this game is a real nail-biter and can sometimes take you by surprise with its volatile mega wins. We think that everyone should experience the allure of this game at least once.

To round out our take on slot games, we decided to play a familiar game from NetEnt. Released in 2020, Hotline 2 is a sequel to another well-known NetEnt slot. What makes both Hotline games rather unique is the bonus bet system where you can double or even triple your bet to activate so-called hotspots. Then, if you land a wild symbol in one of these hotspots (like we did in the above picture), it will turn into a stacked wild. Combined with the 243 pays structure where every imaginable payline from left to right is counted, this feature can provide you with some pretty neat wins. And, if the exciting game mechanics were not enough to hook you in, the beautiful visuals and the retro Miami Vice-style music sure will.

Table Games

After finishing with slots, we wanted to venture out into the table games section of 4starsgames. While we generally like blackjack even more than we do roulette, we wanted to give European Roulette a shot and put some money on black. Unfortunately for us, the wheel was not in our favour in the above picture… Still, we do like the visual flair that this NetEnt table had. Pro tip: always choose European roulette over American roulette as the American version of the game has a worse return-to-player rate because of the inclusion of the double zero (or 00).

Next up, we found ourselves playing European Blackjack by Microgaming. We cannot ever get enough of this game and trying to go for that long streak of nice wins. In the above picture, we went for a double down but only managed to get 16. Lucky for us, however, the dealer was even more unlucky and went bust with the always devastating 22. If you want to win more in blackjack, by the way, you should learn how to play with the optimal strategy, which means knowing just when to hit and when to stand. For example, if the dealer is showing anything between 7 to A, you need to keep hitting before you get to at least 17. It might not be easy to master optimal strategy, but you should see your results improve quite a bit when you do.

Live Casino Games

As far as live casino games go, you can always go for games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat, but with 4starsgames, there is so much more available beyond this typical brick-and-mortar offering. Dream Catcher from Evolution Gaming, for instance, is something that you can never find anywhere but online. This game is essentially a wheel-of-fortune type of deal where you can choose your bet level based on what kind of wins you want to pursue. Higher risks mean higher rewards, which is why we usually place our bets on one of the three less common numbers on the wheel… While the game itself is somewhat slow and almost too simple, people flock to these tables because of the fun music and croupiers who always do their best to entertain, dance around, and read chat messages at the same time. This picture was taken when it was Christmas season, which should explain the jolly gingerbread men and Christmas ornaments all over the studio.

Front of the House

As we already noted, they say that you should never judge a book by its cover, but in our both superficial and visual world, we have a feeling that this old adage has not exactly aged well. Of course, it is good to realise that beauty is only skin deep, but those in sales and marketing should still put some emphasis on making their products look tempting to the public at large. Having said that, we think that Soar Malta Limited, the company behind 4starsgames Casino, has done a commendable job with this. This is evidenced by the above picture with the image of Indian Taj Mahal and an astronaut floating in space. If this is not enough to catch your attention, we do not know what would be.

Scrolling down the page just a little bit further reveals 4starsgames has also administered proper care for their casino lobby. You can search for games based on what the top titles are, what new releases there have been, and so on. Indeed, the one thing where this online casino has gone above and beyond what is necessary is the information you see when you put your cursor on top of game icons. Here you will see plenty of helpful and handy information about the slots that you are interested in. In addition to the game provider in question, you will learn how many winlines there are, the minimum bet, and more. This is another one of those 4starsgames features that we would not mind seeing copied everywhere else, too.

Oh, and we should not forget the inclusion of the customer support chat icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Clicking on this will allow you to contact support whenever you feel lost and require some extra guidance. We at Rupee Casinos tried contacting the support ourselves as well, and it only took around 10 seconds to be connected with an agent. While we are not talking about around-the-clock support here, you should be happy to hear that it is still open 18 hours a day.

The final thing we want to bring to the fore is that you will also find a list of the many game providers available at 4starsgames. Complete with multiple search functions, it probably goes without saying that we were mightily impressed by what the casino has done here.

If you are looking for games with especially high quality, go ahead and give NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Quickspin, Microgaming and Big Time Gaming a shot. You are definitely sure to get your money’s worth of excitement with these companies.

Payment Methods

Now that we at Rupee Casinos have almost gone through everything that 4starsgames Casino has to offer, it is time we shift our focus to actual depositing. After all, if you want to play online and try and win some money, you will first need to transfer some of your own onto your gaming account.

The picture above contains most of 4starsgames‘ payment methods for Indian players (including Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller and more). However, we could not fit Astropaycard and Ezeewallet there due to space limitations. Even so, we feel like this is a nicely thorough selection for most of us. Moreover, most transfers are indeed free of extra commissions and other fees.

According to the customer support personnel, withdrawals are generally processed within 24 hours from the moment they are received. This timeframe is pleasurably fast as some casinos can take up to 3 or even more days to process withdrawals. The minimum withdrawal, on the other hand, is ₹400.

To sum it all up, 4starsgames honestly left us feeling extremely satisfied with our online casino choice. We are most certainly not kidding when we say that this is one of the best Indian casinos on the market today. It simply ticks all the boxes: safety, security, games selection, visuals, payment methods, and even casino bonuses. While this might sound like a cliché way to end things, we must ask you the following—what are you waiting for?