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Money 101

Money matters, but so do you!

One of the biggest questions that boggle the mind of online casino players in India is money. Playing with real money can be exciting, but it can also be challenging. The challenge lies in finding the right payment option to use, no matter where you choose to play.

You see, when it comes to playing online, there are two things to keep in mind:

  1. You cannot deposit your money directly into an online casino. You always have to transfer it through an online wallet or online payment facility. You can use direct transfer, but it’s still wise to go through a secure online wallet.
  2. When you win money, you have to withdraw it. Having a safe method to do so is integral to your online playing experience.

So, at Rupee Casinos, we wanted to find out the best possible ways to deposit and withdraw money. Different online casinos in India offer various methods to manage your money. All the top ranking casinos we feature, allow you to use similar online wallets.

A few of those popular ones are:

Skrill: This payment method is a great way to forget about paying and focus more on playing. You can use your Skrill account anywhere for any purpose, and it is quite safe. Two-Factor authentication protects your account and prevents any form of malicious attack.

If you are thinking of a convenient way of managing your money while playing online, then Skrill is perfect. With its mobile application and easy to set up an account, playing online shouldn’t be a worry anymore. Read more about why playing in online casinos is better with Skrill here.

Neteller: A quick and no-fuss payment solution for playing online is Neteller. It is an e-wallet that is safe and user-friendly. It protects your account as well as money using two-factor authentication as well as SSL encryption. So, you can bid farewell to dodgy wallets.

In terms of charges, Neteller is a good option and does not hide their services behind hidden fees. Some online casinos even offer bonuses if you choose Neteller, so why not use it? If you are curious to know more about why we think Neteller is the safest e-wallet you can use, click here.

ecoPayz: When you use your money online, no one should tell you what to do or how you should spend it. This is why using ecoPayz ensures that banks and financial institutions cannot snoop on your activities online. An e-wallet service, unlike any other that boasts of ultra-fast transfer and encryption that protects you at all times, this may be the perfect wallet for you.

Choose a digital wallet that is reliable like ecoPayz and allows you to play happily in online casinos without a single worry. Opening an account is easy, and once you are done, you are pretty much good to go! Want to know why you should use ecoPayz, then click here to learn more!

Using the above-listed options ensure five things for you:

  1. Reliability: We used these wallets for ourselves to figure out how good they are. A reliable wallet means you can trust them with their money at all times.
  2. Convenience: Since all of these wallets are available as a payment option at all online casinos in India, it is easy to use them everywhere you want.
  3. Safety: These wallets enforce the highest of standards when it comes to keeping you and your money safe. You can use them without any worries of losing money!
  4. Mobile Support: Nowadays, having a mobile application can be of great help, and all of these payment wallets have user-friendly apps that can be handy while playing on your devices.
  5. Anonymity: Using these e-wallets ensure that your bank or credit card company cannot track your actions. You use your bank account or card to transfer money to this e-wallet, and after that whatever you do is up to you.

At Rupee Casinos, we feel that finding the right payment option should not be difficult. We hope that with us, you will find it easier to play online and become better at all sorts of online casino games.

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