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Card Games

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Card games hold a special place in the hearts of Indian casino players. It’s that one thing that makes you go back to your favourite haunt when you are looking for some action. Correct us if we are wrong, but we know how passionate you are when it comes to playing cards.

India has a pretty rich history when it comes to card games. It was the Persians who first introduced the concept here in India. But, back then it was a game meant for royalty. The cards used to play would represent the player’s riches.

But, times have changed. After the Mughals came to India, it became a sport for all people. Popular card games that we play nowadays were born during that time.

Then the British came to India and brought the 52 card decks with them. That changed how Indians played their card games, but it was the beginning of how modern card games would be played years later.

The point we are trying to make is that as Indian casino players, we expect you to be passionate about card games. We know that there are always new games coming up that you would like to play. Sometimes online casinos in India start putting up local card games from different parts of the country. We know that you want to play and win them all.

Games You Love To Play

Teen Patti– Even people who do not play card games in India know what this game is. But do not let the fame of this game fool you. Born in the alleys and bylanes of the Indian subcontinent, this is a game for all kinds of online casino players. It was during the Mughal era when earlier versions of this game became popular. Read more about how to play Teen Patti here.

Andar Bahar– A favourite card game in South India, it is also known as Katti to some. Legend has it that this game was born in the streets of Bengaluru hundreds of years ago. A simple card game, it often gets exciting once the play has started. At Rupee Casinos you have the chance to learn more about this game and where you can play it online.

Call Break– No one knows where this game came from, to be honest. Some say it was born in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal while others swear that it was inspired from the Indian card game Lakdi. We found that every culture has its version of this game. So, if you want to learn more about call break, feel free to browse through our resources.

These are just some of the more popular card games that players in India prefer. If you did not see your favourite here, there’s no need to panic. If you browse through our complete list, you will surely find it there somewhere.

We hope that our Card Games guide can help you learn more about the different card games in online casinos. We aim to help you learn how to play first and then show you strategies to win after that. You cannot learn about how to win if you do not know the rules.

But, we assure you that we have taken every care to ensure that the information in our resources is correct. We consider this as our first step when it comes to uniting all Indian casino players. We hope that our website helps you realise your dreams and achieve your goals.

So, go out and play to your hearts’ content and gamble responsibly!

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