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How Jeetwin won India with Sunny Leone

Celebrity endorsements are nothing new in the world of marketing. Celebs have an existing fanbase and quite an amount of fame. So, it makes sense for brands to approach them for partnerships. While celebrities use their popularity to promote a product or service, they get paid by the brand to promote it. In turn, the brand gets to access the celebrity’s fanbase and enter a new market.

In the world of casinos, this is a popular form of advertisement too. Famous people from all walks of life like sports, film, TV, etc. play an active role in promoting casinos. When you see your favourite famous face next to a brand, you are attracted to it. You feel it is safe to check this brand out because it is being endorsed by someone whom you trust.

Now, coming to the topic at hand, pornstars from the adult film industry are more and more prone to endorse brands these days. It may come as a surprise to most, but a lot of current and ex-pornstars are involved in celebrity endorsement. As online casinos start to become part of mainstream entertainment in India, celebrities are getting more involved with them.

Take, for example, ex-pornstar turned Bollywood actor, Sunny Leone. In 2015, she was the most searched personality on Google for four straight years in India. Talk about being famous!

After a successful career in the adult film industry, she is now one of the leading women in Bollywood. She has acted in numerous films across India and owns a talent management company and perfume brand. If that wasn’t all, she is the brand ambassador of Jeetwin, one of the best online casinos in India.

But, the question that everyone seems to be asking is why an online casino brand is going for an ex-pornstar?

While that is a fair question considering that India has no shortage of celebrities, there’s also a logical reason for doing that.


We live in a time and age where pornstars or adult film actors shouldn’t face discrimination because of the work they do. They are no different than your regular Bollywood or Hollywood actors. Some might even say that a pornstar’s face is more familiar to them than a Bollywood actor’s!

Well, jokes apart, a familiar face works wonders for a brand, pornstar or not. The reason why brands like online casinos go for a celebrity to showcase them is that people know the face. People might not have heard about the casino because they are new, but they know the face that is now the face of the casino too!

Social Media Presence

Social media is king these days. Anyone who is not on social media is living under a rock. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you want to keep up with the world, then you’ll have to have a social media account.

Sunny Leone has over 29 million followers on Instagram and 23 million on Facebook. That’s a number which is almost equal to, if not better than a lot of other celebrities. So, Jeetwin‘s partnership with her helps their brand reach out to a broad Indian audience who know and follow Sunny Leone.

Fan Culture

As a fan of a celebrity, you’ll like to see what your idol is doing. But, at the same time, you will also want to buy and support the products and services that a celebrity is promoting. As a pornstar, Sunny Leone garnered a lot of fame, but now she has her brand. Now, this is not an actual brand, but a personal brand that people associate someone with.

When you see Jeetwin promoting their fantastic entertainment website with Sunny Leone, you associate it not only with Sunny herself but also with her personal brand. All fans want to be part of this culture where they can get inspired by the celebrity they like or follow. And, if it weren’t that good, she wouldn’t be risking all the hard work she has put into creating her brand to promote it, would she?


Being a fan is more than just trying to look like the celebrity they idolise. Great brands like Jeetwin have teamed up with someone wonderful like Sunny Leone and vice-versa because of their common audience.

Sunny has an excellent reputation in India and all over the world. She has universal appeal across adults from different parts of the country. People see her associated with a brand and immediately come to an understanding that this is a good brand that they should definitely check out.


People tend to remember ads better from social media, YouTube, or even TV if it features a celebrity. A beloved star like Sunny can create ripples across media with this partnership with Jeetwin.

Her fans will remember her endorsement and the brand itself, in this case, Jeetwin. They will be curious to see what it is all about and take a peek at the website even if they might not be interested in what she is talking about. Chances are, they will have some interest considering their favourite star is giving the green light.


Adding pornstars or ex-adult actors to online gambling brands is a great way to launch an online casino. Their fame in this digital age surpasses a lot of celebrities, and they can be great spokespeople for these casinos like Jeetwin. This form of influencer marketing is the lifeblood of online businesses. It can make quite a difference in how you present an online casino.

As online casinos themselves become more popular and accepted in India, Sunny Leone’s support and partnership with Jeetwin heralds a new era in entertainment. So, you should consider being a part of it!

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