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Rupee Casinos Newsletter The best online casino updates right in your inbox! Would you like updates on the following? Blog articles that reveal all the tips and tricks there is to casino games. Detailed and unfiltered reviews of new online casinos in India. The best online casino bonuses and promotions that you can get only … Read moreOur Newsletter Subscription

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A Premium Guide to Online Casinos for Indian Players Established in 2019, Rupee Casinos is an organisation that promotes trust, honesty and kindness. We are a website that focuses on you. Our users are and always will be our loyal partners. Every single day, thousands of Indians browse the Internet to find online casinos. Some … Read moreOur Story

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Be the Leading Premium Online Casino Guide in India We want to be the very best premium casino guide when it comes to online casinos in India.  We are here to build a brotherhood of Indian online casino players. It is essential that you know how much we care for you. Our day starts with … Read moreOur Vision

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The Best Guide for Online Casinos in India Believe it or not, there are thousands of online casinos on the Internet. A large number of them are for players in India. But, when you have so many options, it is hard to choose the right one. If you have been playing online casino games for … Read moreWhy Follow Us

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A Helping Hand for Indian Online Casino Players We are the only premium online casino guide in India. Many people think that we are an online casino. But, we beg to differ. We consider ourselves as more of a guide. We aim to ensure Indians who want to play in online casinos can get started … Read moreOur Mission