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If there is one thing that makes people go back to online casinos, it is the games. Of course, at Rupee Casinos, we are fans of all kinds of casino games. Games are one of the primary reasons we made this website.

Here in India, you are not alone. There are millions of online casino players. Most of you like trying your luck with new games. Some have even found their favourite games by playing new ones.

Sometimes, new games get added, and we encourage everyone to try new games. Casinos feel the same way about new games. They provide extra bonuses and even cash back for playing new games.

But, it’s not possible for everyone to know about all the games that casinos offer. What do you do then?

In India, there are no premium guide websites to help you.

So, we at Rupee Casinos have come up with the best possible solution. This page will serve as a resource for every Indian online casino player. If there is a new game you want to play, then you are in the right place.

To help you out even further, we have divided the focus of games into three groups. Online casinos offer even more games than physical casinos. As surprising as that may seem, it means that you get to play more than just ‘casino’ games.

At Rupee Casinos, we search for all the games that online casinos in India have to offer. Then, one by one we come up with detailed guides for each. To help you learn better these guides include everything from rules to winning strategies. We understand that you are not here only to learn about these games. You need to win as well. So, we make sure that you make the most of our guides.

When you win, we win too!

Card Games

India is home to countless card games. The number of card games that have been born on the streets and lanes of this country will put all other countries to shame.

If this was a real brick and mortar casino, you could not even think of this.

So, here’s what we do. We draw up guides for games like Teen Patti, Call Break and Andar Bahar. Of course, there are more card games than that. But, you get our drift.

Games like these have so many possibilities when it comes to winning. We ensure that all the strategies are covered when you are playing. We want you to win more than anything else!

Dice Games

References to dice games in India go way back in books like the Mahabharata. You would be surprised to know the number of dice games that have originated here.

A large number of casinos we feature have Indian dice games like Sic Bo, Passa and Jhandi Munda.

Now some of you might not have played all of them. We understand that. Games like Jhandi Munda are hyperlocal which makes it impossible for people in some parts of India to experience it. But thanks to online casinos, you can now play it with your friends.

But before you go, learn up more about it, and we will throw in a few tips on how to win! Sounds good?

Casino Games

Traditional casino games like slots, blackjack and roulette make up the bulk of what online casinos have to offer. They are competitive, accessible and provide great bonuses round the year for every player.

So, if you want to play in online casinos in India and be successful, here’s your golden ticket.

Our games page will contain tips, walkthroughs and detailed commentary on the rules so that even if you know nothing about them, you will become a pro in just a matter of days!

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