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The Only Guide for Casino Games in India

For Indians, by Indians

India is home to millions of casino players and thousands of online casinos. Players say that playing typical casino games is difficult here. When we started asking all the players what was wrong, we got only one answer. We realised India had no premium casino guide despite being a favourite place for casinos. Instead of wondering what is wrong, we wanted to fix it.

We felt it would be easier if we came up with something that will allow players to play comfortably. So, Rupee Casinos is what we came up with to right the wrongs. From our point of view, we know that all of us would love to play and win casino games. But, sometimes not knowing how to go about playing them can be frustrating.

For this reason, we want you to visit our website. We would like you to use these guides to get better at playing and win more games than usual.

Casino Game Guides Popular with our Patrons

Roulette: A game that needs no introduction to casino players. Even players who are just starting their career in casino games know what roulette is. A popular table game that is part of every casino online and offline, it is hard to determine precisely where it started. Some say it was the Chinese who started it while others say, Roman soldiers would play it to kill time.

We love to talk about all the origin stories of different games. But don’t get us wrong, we like to put down everything there is to know about games as well. Roulette can be a pretty complex game with different types of bets. Our guide makes it easier for you to learn, in case you do not know how to play it. Then, you can move on to winning strategies that will allow you to combine what you learnt with these tips.

Baccarat: Fans of James Bond know what this game is. Until recently this was his game of choice. It was in Italy that the game of Baccarat was born. Even though the rules were different then and a lot has changed since that time, it is still very similar to the original Baccara.

The game has gone through its fair share of changes by travelling through the world. But now, it has finally arrived here to the confines of online casinos in India. The best part is that Baccarat is no longer limited to high-rollers with colossal betting requirements. You can start off with low minimum bets and play to your heart’s content.

Here’s all that you have to know before you start playing Baccarat in your favourite online casino.

Blackjack: If there is one thing common among traditional casino games, it is that they do not have a straightforward origin story. All of them have been passed around from country to country, and over time people have added changes to them.

Blackjack is no different. Some say it was born in France, while others hold the opinion that the first versions of Blackjack were seen in Spain.

The game was termed ’21’ till a long time until gambling became legal in the American state of Nevada and it came to be known as Blackjack. Our Blackjack guide is for beginners as well as experts. From learning how to play to using our secret strategies to win, we have it all.

At Rupee Casinos we aim to create a brotherhood of online casino players in India. For the very first time, India has the chance to unite and form a happy online gaming community for everyone.

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