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How to Win at Blackjack, strategies to win
How to Win at Blackjack, strategies to win

If you’re a Blackjack lover then Rupee Casinos is the place you need to be. One thing that you’ll agree with us that Blackjack is one of those casino games that has the best odds to win. That’s simply because the game is based on maths and logic and you have numerous combinations of strategies at your disposal to try and win. If you’re looking for some full proof strategies to win, then you’re in luck! That’s because we have been playing Blackjack for many years now, and we have developed some of our own strategies that have helped us win at some of the biggest online casinos! And, now we have decided to share some of our tried and tested strategies with you as well. So, read on and make a note of it.

How to win a Blackjack game?

Before we start talking about the strategies you need to leave behind all your old strategies because our Blackjack winning strategies are solely based on logic and some maths.  To start with, you need a basic strategy. If you’re not doing this, then you’re probably just throwing money on the table. Although you may win a few hands just by ‘chance’, to keep your bankrolling a basic strategy is a must. It should tell you when to stand, split or double as needed.

Here are our top tips

Tip #1: To begin with, you need to find a good online casino that offers Blackjack games. Although it may sound very basic, this is one of the most crucial factors and should not be overlooked. That’s because not all online casinos are trustworthy or licensed to operate in India. Which means, even if you fair and win in your gameplay they might refuse to pay out! But you need not worry about this because we have already done this exercise on behalf of you! For example, Jeetwin is one of the best online casinos where you can play and win for real money games. They also offer 1000 free credits to get you started. Royal Panda is another hit among Indian gaming enthusiasts, especially Blackjack lovers. This site is also a reputed one and very popular among newbies because of the simplicity of their website. All you need to do is log in and start playing. It’s straight forward, you don’t spend much time figuring out how to go about it.

Tip #2: Pick a casino that offers a decent welcome bonus. We love Grand Mondial for this. This online casino offers 150 chances to become an instant millionaire! Isn’t that great? Plus, they have a huge variety of hand-picked Blackjack games to try out whether on a laptop or on a mobile phone while on the go. Some of the popular versions of Blackjack game are Classic Blackjack Gold, Vegas Strip Blackjack and Gold Series Atlantic City Blackjack. Plus, the outstanding animations, graphics and sound effect will give you an impression of a live Vegas casino. If you haven’t visited already, you should check it out once!

Tip #3: Our next tip would be to find out the house edge. Each casino has its own house edge and it is important to find it out if you’re playing to win and not just for fun. The thumb rule is the lower the house edge is, the better.

Tip #4: A conservative approach is useful when you’re playing for the first time. Remember, the old saying? “Slow and steady wins the race”? This holds true when it comes to building your blackjack winning strategy as well. Start with a small amount of bet instead of betting your entire fortune at your very first game. Keep raising it every time you make a win.

Tip #5: If you’re a brave soul and looking to win big, then the Martingale Blackjack strategy is the one for you. Remember, this strategy works only on small gaming sessions. Also, go for it only if you have some good amount of cash to bet. The strategy is simple. All you have to do is, double your bet every time you lose. No, we are not out of our mind, because it is backed by some laws of probability and logic. In every session of Blackjack, it is very likely that you’ll win one hand. So, no matter what, once you win everything could be covered up. But, remember, this doesn’t apply for long gaming sessions and you should know when to stop.

Tip #6: We recommend splitting your aces and eights. It is one of our tested strategies to make a win. Try it out yourself at one of our favourite casinos Bodog India. The thrill is now live there with INR 50,000 extra. If you like sports betting, then do visit their sportsbook section once. With the IPL season coming up get bonus up to INR 15,000.

Tip #7: Know the rules, house edge, and every other detail before you start playing. There are multiple variations of Blackjack games are available, and hardly you will find two variations with the same set of rules. Even with the same name, the rules and the house edge vary from one casino to another depending upon the software company that has developed it.

Now that your basic strategy is ready, go ahead and play for real money. If you’re looking for a big welcome bonus, then head on to Betway. On your first deposit, you’ll get a 100% match bonus up to INR 22,000 on your first deposit. That’s not all! They offer a 25% match bonus up to INR 22,000  on your second deposit and a 50% match bonus up to £500 on third deposit!

Want to play for free before you make a deposit? Head on to Vbet and try their Blackjack for free. If you like it to make a deposit and you’ll get 100% first deposit bonus up to Euro 150, 50% second deposit bonus up to Euro 150 and then a 125% third deposit bonus up to Euro 250.

Do not forget to let us know which strategies worked for you the most? Did you make any new strategies as well? We would love to learn from you what worked best for you and we would include it here at Rupee Casinos! If you want to know more about where to play and how to pick the right online casinos in India, we suggest you head over to our online casinos’ section for more information.

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