At Rupee Casinos, we pride ourselves on the service that we provide players. We believe that it is our honesty that sets us apart from other premium online casino guides. We have so many followers because we believe in the truth. Our patrons who are online players in India, including you, deserve to know the truth. Like every other website, we can sell lies, but does that make any sense? That does not help our cause. We feel if we share the right information with you, it will help you a lot. When you win, we win, and when you are happy, we feel equally joyful.

The reason why we write these reviews is simple. We want YOU to make the right decisions. But, why do we think that it will be hard for you to when it comes to making a choice? Primarily, you are spoilt for choice. This leads to confusion in the first place. In India, there was a time when the number of online casinos could be counted using our fingers. Then, as more and more people became interested in casino games, the most prominent brands in this field started to enter the market. Now, if you look closely, you will see all the famous betting brands and casino outlets in Europe are here in India. Any online brand that has been successful abroad has now stepped in here.

For you, that means a range of casinos to choose from. Now, when you have so many choices, you are bound to be confused. That’s why we are here for you. We feel that we might be the best people to guide you. We have years of experience working behind-the-scenes when it comes to online casino games. We know all the tricks in the book which we use to judge these websites, and we know what you should look out for when playing online. These reviews are meant to go beyond just mere reports. We want to help you in every way we can, so that not only you can choose the right place to play, but also have a great experience while playing. The challenge does not stop at getting you to play in the right place for us. We think we can rest after you have found the perfect place to play, a website that you can go back to, every day after a hard day of work.

This is why, in this review, we have carefully chosen Spin Palace Online Casino as our candidate. If you think about Microgaming and online casino games, then Spin Palace casino goes way back in the history of time. So, one can very well understand that there is a lot of expectations when it comes to Spin Palace. Only time will tell (plus our review!) if they will be able to live up to the trust and confidence players have placed in them in India. Let us take a look at what they are all about, and what truly makes them stand out amidst so many gaming websites.

What is Spin Palace?

Spin Palace has been around on the Internet since 2001 as a hub of entertainment and great gaming. Along with humongous jackpots, and over 600 games, this online casino is unlike any other. But, they have survived and thrived for so long because they know how to keep up with this fast-growing digital world. Plus, they have got Microgaming to thank, which runs their games.

Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, Spin Palace also has an eCOGRA seal of approval. So, first of all, the MGA is one of the most stable and reputable gaming certifications one can have. As a player, your personal details will always be safeguarded over everything else. In fact, you have nothing to worry about at all when you are playing here.

Then there’s the eCOGRA certification. This means that the random number generator used by the Microgaming software is not rigged and is fair for all players. You can access the raw data such as Spin Palace’s payout percentages in the public domain thanks to this seal. This works for you in two ways. One, you know that you are not getting cheated. Two, you can address any grievance you might have directly to the eCOGRA authority.

How can we put this into words? Spin Palace is one of the most professional no-nonsense casinos out there. From the very start, you will see that they mean business. They will take care of you, but they will not make any false promises to you either. They will be as fair to you as possible, and at the same time, make sure that your gaming experience is an extravagant one. They put a lot of emphasis on visuals and graphics of their games, and that spills over on their website as well. But, amidst all this, we think we should take a look at one of the deciding factors in a casino, their bonuses!


Unfortunately, reputation means nothing for online casinos nowadays. Of course, it matters when you are thinking about trusting them with your information. But, after that, it all boils down to two things: the promotions and the games. Spin Palace has a rich legacy. Players all over the world rely on this. They trust them with their money. So, that is something you do not need to worry about at all. But, when we are talking about money, you need to think about the bonuses. If the rewards do not suit you, then perhaps you need to look for another casino.

At Rupee Casinos, we cannot stress this enough. Every casino has something unique to offer. What works for you might not work for another person. This is why we try to analyse everything and break it down for you to make a choice quickly. As far as bonuses are concerned, Spin Palace believes in simplicity. They do not offer a lot of rewards, but we think their bonuses are driven by quality and not quantity.

New Player Casino Bonus

When you create a new account with Spin Palace, you get the option to go big for a ₹1,00,000 match deposit bonus. This amount is spread over three rewards, including a welcome bonus and two-match deposit bonuses. The first bonus is a 100% match bonus up to ₹40,000. So, if you choose to deposit ₹40,000, you will receive a bonus of ₹40,000. Your total cash balance would be ₹ 80,000 now.

Now, after a while, you would want to make your second deposit. While doing so, you can opt for the 2nd deposit bonus which is a 100% match bonus up to ₹30,000. So, if you choose to deposit ₹25,000, you will receive ₹25,000 taking your total to ₹50,000. Once that runs out, you can opt for the 3rd deposit bonus which is another 100% match bonus up to ₹30,000. So, if you choose to deposit ₹10,000, you will receive ₹10,000, and that will take your total to ₹20,000.

If you deposit any amount beyond the stipulated maximum bonus amount, you will not be receiving any extra money, so make sure that you make the most of what you deposit. Spin Palace often sends emails to you regarding ongoing new promotions. You cannot combine any of them to get more out of it. You either choose this bonus or go for some other promotion. The choice is yours. The minimum deposit amount is ₹1,000. If you deposit ₹1,000, you will receive your welcome bonus of ₹1,000 right away in your separate bonus balance account. You have to meet a wagering requirement of 50x if you wish to claim your bonus and any winnings from it. Once you reach this requirement, all money from the bonus account including winnings, will get transferred to your main account.

Spin Palace Loyalty Programme

At Spin Palace, anyone who signs up with a new account becomes part of the Loyalty Programme. It is a free-to-join and free-to-earn programme, so you start earning loyalty points from the very start. Every time you use your money to play games here, you earn loyalty points. The more you spend, the more points you receive. Then, when you have enough points, you can exchange them for free bonus credits. You can use these credits in any way you like. Along with earning these credits, you also get to unlock different player perks for yourself.

At Spin Palace, there are six different loyalty levels. It starts with blue, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and finally, Privé. The higher you climb on this ladder, the perks become more tailored to you and your playstyle. Plus you get access to a dedicated support team if you make it to the top. All you need to do is keep on playing your favourite games and see those loyalty points soar. It does not matter if you win or lose, you still get to win when you are racking up points.

When you redeem your loyalty points, you receive free bonus credits. Now, these credits get added to your bonus balance which you can use to play at any given point in time. And, if all this was not enough, you receive 2,500 free loyalty points when you make your first deposit. Yes, you get all those points for free without any terms or conditions involved.

Now, when it comes to different loyalty tiers, there are entry points and maintenance points required to hold on to your line. The higher up you go, the more this will matter to you. This is simply because as you go higher, the number of casino bonuses and perks keep on increasing monumentally.

Now, it’s time to reveal what we think about the Spin Palace’s bonuses and loyalty programme. Welcome bonuses are a much-needed boost that every new player needs. In India, all online casinos offer some form of a welcome bonus. If you take that into consideration, then this bonus is not that exclusive, but the bonus amount makes all the difference. And, the best part is it is up to you, how much of a bonus you want. If you are one of those players who like to play in different casinos and take advantage of what each has to offer, then, you can make a small deposit, and still reap the bonus benefits. But, if you are a high-roller, you can go for the limit, and make the most of this bonus.

What follows this welcome bonus, are two more 100% match deposit match bonuses. We felt that the generosity of these two bonuses says it all. The amount of boost that you get is almost the maximum that any website here in India is going to offer you. Everyone at Rupee Casinos felt that this is, till date, one of the best bonuses they have come across. The only drawback that we noticed was the limited options you have in terms of promotions. The Spin Palace does not offer game-specific bonuses or any form of cashbacks. While we understand that they might be focusing more on quality rather than quantity, we feel that adding a few more to their roster will not hurt anyone.

When it comes to the loyalty programme, there is nothing special that stands out in particular. Almost all online casinos in India these days offer something similar. But, we think it is a great initiative to reward players despite the outcome of their games. It keeps players motivated and interested in playing, no matter how much money they spend. The fact that it is free to join adds the cherry on top of the cake that is Spin Palace. Don’t get us wrong, the promotions here are great, but it can do better to accommodate different types of players. If and when Spin Palace makes this change, we think a lot of players in India will have a lot of options to choose from and feel at home at this online casino.


Spin Palace looks like a grand online casino. The only issue is that there’s not a lot on offer when it comes to games. You only get to play Live Casino games here. Even though there are a few options but that does not stand up against other online casinos in India. Remember to check the list of games once you click on one of their live casino games, as it seems they have some kind of hidden menu for you to access. There’s variety, but we expected more.

For starters, we decided to play the Dream Catcher game. Here, a live dealer rolls a wheel of fortune, and every number has a multiplier attached to it. You can place your bets on 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. Every number comes with the same multiplier. If you bet on the winning number, you win, but the bigger the number the more you win. You can bet on multiple options to widen your choice, but there is only one winning number.

So, we were feeling a bit adventurous and decided to try this game called Monopoly Live. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s like a game of monopoly, but combined with the game of dream catcher. A nice dealer rolls the wheel and you can bet on different numbers and options. If it lands on dice rolls which is rare, then the monopoly man runs around a virtual monopoly board and every location on the board has a multiplier. In case you do end up winning it, you win big!

To end our time with a high, we decided to play Super Sic Bo. This is a popular Asian version of Roulette, where instead of a roulette wheel there are three die on a die shaker. The live dealer presses a switch and turns on the shaker, and you can bet on different number combinations, individual numbers, odd or even, small total or big total, and wait for a win. With so many different options to bet, you will win something every time you bet.

The games at Spin Palace are enjoyable but if they had more variety it would give you a lot to play with. For now, the Live Casino games will have to do.

Front of the House

At the end of the day, every single aspect of a casino’s website is a piece of a puzzle. If any of these pieces fail to perform its task, then the entire site falls apart. Think about it, for an online casino, its games and promotions matter as much as its front page. You know why? When you first visit a website like Spin Palace, what do you do? You see their homepage and what they have to offer before you check out their roster of games and list of bonuses. So, even before the games and promotions can influence your sense of judgement, it is the homepage that seals the deal at times.

This is one of the essential reasons why we always make sure that when reviewing casinos, we consider their homepage. It is our way of ensuring that the website is well-rounded. A thumb rule for all good sites is a user-friendly design that makes it easy for everyone to use it. There’s a joke we like to crack here at Rupee Casinos if you can’t even access the games and promotions page, then what is your website right for? Well, Spin Palace is far from that. Their design is simple yet effective. We feel that they have done a great job mixing elegance with fun, making it an excellent experience for players who want to have a good time and enjoy themselves.

The thing with the colour red is that it signifies danger, aggressiveness and a lot of negativity. What Spin Casino has done is that they chose a more toned-down shade of red, which works ideally we think. First, you get to see their amazing welcome bonus right at the top. There’s the easy access menu for the bonus, loyalty club, their games, banking and mobile options as well as the language menu. You can log in with the button at the top, or if you wish to talk to a support team member, you can do that too with the message icon.

As you scroll down, you can see that Spin Palace wastes no time to show you their most popular games. You would be surprised to know that they show you fifteen games at the same time. But, that’s the cleverness of their design. They made sure to show as many games as possible, yet it did not look crowded. It is the little things like these which count, and it makes a website look more complete.

Their website then goes on to showcase why you should play at Spin Palace. And, they end up making a compelling argument. That’s the beauty of it, and we cannot help but appreciate it. They don’t force you to sign up or create an account right away. There is no mention as to why you should make an account at Spin Palace. If you are interested, you will be scrolling down, and as you do, you will see that they have laid it out in front of you. All the best features they have to offer are laid down in front of you. In a minimal space, they have written down who they are and what it is that they do.

As you make your way to the bottom of the page, there are the usual links to different parts of the website and the various certifications and badges that they have. We thought that their presentation was the best part as it gave us an overview of Spin Palace without needing to go any deeper.


If an online casino does not have excellent banking facilities, then what is it suitable for, right? If you are using real money to play here, then this is an essential section for you to read through. As with all online casinos in India, Spin Palace accepts credit cards and debit cards for both deposits and withdrawals. However, if you have a Maestro debit card, you can only deposit money and not withdraw any. Plus there is your reliable bank transfer services and Skrill as well as Neteller. The last two options are e-wallets that are a must-have for any casino player, and it is prevalent among players all over the world.

One thing that you should note is that if you make a withdrawal request, you will have to use the same banking method you used for depositing. Along with that, you may or may not require to provide some information to establish your identity. We don’t think you will be required to furnish this information every time you wish to withdraw, so it might be limited to your first time only. But, if you are asked, you should keep your driver’s license, a copy of a utility bill and a copy of your credit card handy.

Mobile Options

You would be surprised to know that even in this mobile age, a lot of online casinos in India do not have any app for their players. But, Spin Palace, unlike the rest, is always at the top of their game. Chances are you have a smartphone, and if you do, then you can play anywhere you want to. If you have an Android, or an iPhone, iPad, or even a Blackberry or a WAP, then you can download their app from their website to use on your phone.

Trust us, it is so much more fun when you can play on your phone and destress yourself while returning home from work! You get access to the same bonuses on your mobile as you would do on their desktop website. You can just pick up where you left off on your PC or laptop by logging in to your account. There are no restrictions whatsoever, and you get the exact same experience on your mobile as you would get on your desktop, if not more, thanks to its mobility. Plus, sometimes it is just handy having your favourite casino website’s app on your phone when you do not have access to a PC but just itching to have a go.

Experience the best live casino games beyond your wildest dreams, what else do you need to start playing at Spin Palace Casino?