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Casino Bonuses Explained: Your Guide to Playing Online

There’s a huge reason why players who prefer casino games are now going for online casinos. Of course, it is convenient for most people to play online from their home. But, there’s something else. You have probably guessed it already. Yes, casino bonuses. A regular casino will never offer you rewards. When you go to your typical casino in Monaco or on the Las Vegas strip, you play using your own money. You get to keep what you win, and if you lose, then you lose your money. Pretty simple, right?


But, how about you use your money, and get rewards for doing so? Sounds interesting? At Rupee Casinos, we have interacted with many online casinos. If there is one thing that we have realised, it would be the fact that online casinos respect you a lot more than regular ones. They would want you to play with them and give you incentives to keep on doing so. Of course, it is a known fact that casinos have their house edge in games. But, think about all the different rewards that you receive just for playing.


Why do Online Casinos offer free Bonuses?


That is a pretty good question. Most people keep asking us that, and we felt it is time we explained it to everyone. People, who wish to play games in casinos for the first time often ask us why casinos would offer money to players? Aren’t casinos supposed to be making money when you spend your money there? Yes, they are. But they are not as greedy as their offline cousins.


The first reason is that they are creating a competitive atmosphere for other casinos. But, you as a player will gain the most from this. For example, you might be interested in gambling and want to see what it is all about. We get that you want to try your luck and experience something new. But, you might not have the funds required to gamble. It’s not easy to afford the money needed to play in a typical casino. So, this is where you start looking for options online. You can get to try your luck online because of the bonuses that are available readily. You use some money, and you get the double of the money you deposited as a bonus.


Now, you can play casino games for some time without going bankrupt. Not only that, you get to try your luck and see if you like playing these games that people keep talking about everywhere. Some places call this a welcome bonus. For casinos, it is a way of gaining your trust. Since you are trusting them with your money, it is only reasonable to share that trust. At least, online casinos are more humane than their brick and mortar counterparts. The best part about this is that you get to keep your bonus and use it in the games you would like to play. If you win any money using the bonus, you get to keep it as well.


More Bonuses for You


It does not end there. If you keep coming back to a casino, you will get to experience a lot more of these gifts. You feel comfortable playing online, and now you want to see what it is like to play regularly. This is the ideal situation for online casinos. They want you to come back to play with them. But, there’s a lot of competition for you on the internet. Thousands of other online casinos exist here in India. They will try to match the offer that you got on the first website if you join them.


So, to keep you happy, casinos will offer you extra rewards. If you play a popular game like BlackJack, some may have specific rewards for that. If you deposit a higher amount of money in your account, there will be bonuses involved. The list goes on and on and on, but the vital thing is online casinos have a lot to offer. Think of it like a loyalty program that your local grocery chain has. It’s part of their business to make sure you enjoy and have a good time on their website, unlike regular casinos.


The Downside of Bonuses


Every good thing has its fair share of disadvantages, but it is nothing to be worried about in this case. When casinos offer such amazing rewards, there will be people who will try to take advantage of it. This is often known as bonus hunting or bonus abuse. Some players try to make as much money as possible by signing up to rewards. In order to stop these practices, websites have had to become stricter. There are a lot of rules that you need to follow and terms that you need to be aware of to receive your bonuses.


We suggest that it is not a big issue if you follow the rules and play. You should only worry if you are trying to fool the system and then if you get caught your account will be suspended, and you will probably never be able to access your money. You can still make money without trying to go bonus hunting, and it works in your favour because now casinos can offer you more since they are stricter with everyone.


Some Casino Rules to Remember


If you are playing in casinos, and making good use of bonuses, it is time you got to know more about wagering requirements. This is all just a precaution casinos take to ensure that people do not misuse the rewards that they offer. By wagering requirements, it means how a casino wants you to use the money they are giving you.


If you receive ₹10000 as a bonus, then the casino will tell you that you have to play a specific game a hundred times within a given period. As strict as it may sound it is not that difficult. Sometimes, they also add that you need to maintain a ₹5000 balance to withdraw your money. The logic is to protect both sides. You win your money, and the casino gets to retain you as their customer.


There are often other terms and conditions which might give you more bonuses on playing certain games and lesser amounts when you indulge in something else. We would suggest going through all the casino resources we have at disposal at Rupee Casinos to make an informed decision.


How to Receive the Best Bonuses?


There are three simple steps that you should follow if you want to get the best bonuses online.


First, you should know what you are looking for on the Internet. There are a variety of bonuses available, but you might be looking for something specific. Take note of your needs and see which type of bonus suits you the best. You can find a list of all casino bonuses on our promotions page at Rupee Casinos. This will help you find a casino bonus that is perfect for your needs.


Second, you should know where to look for casino bonuses. Of course, you will be going to online casinos looking for the right reward. But, is that useful? With thousands of online casinos out there, it is not a practical task. Perhaps, it is best, that you leave that to us so that you can relax. At Rupee Casinos, we look for the best casinos where you can play without having to worry about anything at all. It is vital that you are safe and you have a good time while playing.


Third but not least, you have to know how to claim the bonuses that are advertised. With so many rules and regulations, it is hard to ensure that you are doing the right thing. That is why we are here to help you every step of the way. The best part is we don’t charge you anything. Spend your money on things you love to do, like playing in online casinos. We are here to help you become good at what you are doing and show you the right way.

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