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Everything You Need to Know About Katti

Katti is a card game native to India. You will be surprised to know; most people do not even know this game as Katti. There are a variety of local names that are associated with this game. As an Indian, you might know this by the name of Andar Bahar. If you ever visit South India, you will see people huddled in the corner of a street playing Katti. If you are reading this, it means you are interested in playing Katti. We have some good news for you! You don’t need to go anywhere to play it. You can now experience it from the comfort of their home. How about that, huh?


What is Katti?


It’s a simple and easy game to learn. You don’t need to go through a book of rules and multiple strategies. You don’t even need to have a game plan when you want to play the game of Katti. You might be wondering at this point because what we just said sounds strange. Well, hardly so as Katti is like a coin toss. The odds are always 50/50 so, in that sense, it is plain sailing.


When it comes to playing this game in the streets, there are a lot of cheats involved. Many stay away from playing it, even though they do want to play because of this reason. But, now that you can play it online, this is something that you do not need to worry about anymore.


How to Play Katti?


There is a dealer who deals cards from one standard deck of fifty-two cards. Players can choose one of two sides to place their bets. Once everyone has chosen their betting spot, the dealer will deal out the cards. Thirteen cards are dealt out, and you can select only one card from them. Before the game starts, there is usually a minimum bet amount that you will have to pay.


Now, that you have placed your bet, you as well as the other players can pick the card you want. Once that is done, the dealer will start revealing the cards. If the first card drawn is a spade or a club, then it goes in one side you can bet on. If the first card belongs to hearts or diamonds, then it goes on the other side. When the andar bahar version of Katti is in play, clubs and spades go to the Andar side which is usually on the left. For hearts and diamonds, they end up in the bahar side which is on the right. Cards are now arranged alternatively till there are no cards left.


So, if you placed your bet on the left side but your card ends up in the right side you lose that round. But if you bet correctly, then you are going to win the round. However, your game relies on what the first card is going to be. If you want a strategy, it will involve guessing what the first card is going to be. The game is won and lost when the first card gets revealed. Once everyone has either won or lost, that round of Katti ends.


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