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The Only Guide you need in India

For a long time, India did not have online casino guides. But, they have had thousands of online casinos.  New casinos kept and still keep popping up left, right and centre. You and millions of others visit these online casinos to play every day.

Do you think it is safe to play in an online casino?

It’s like shopping online.

You know why? Because you play with real money. So, it is vital that the place where you play is safe and secure. It should be fair so that when you win, you get what you see.

We made Rupee Casinos to solve this problem once and for all. No one needs to lose their hard earned money anymore. Our reviews will help you pick the best places to play in India. We want you to relax when you are playing. There is no need to worry about whether your money is safe or not. Trust us, we know how that feels, and it is time we put an end to this.

When we review casinos, we have strict rules in place. We are sharing this with you so that you know how safe it is to play in the casinos we feature.


Hey, we want you to have fun too! Safety matters, but the user experience is equally vital. If we have trouble finding our way around in an online casino, well, let’s say we are not staying there for long!

A good online casino will always be user-friendly. We know what to look out for, but we want you to spot the differences as well.


We only choose online casinos that focus on all sorts of games. As an Indian online casino guide, we pay a lot of attention to the different Indian-origin games that are available for you to play.

We realise that you need a wide variety of games to find your favourites. We all a couple of favourites that we keep going back to. Sometimes we like playing it, and at other times we are very good at it.

Payment & Withdrawal

Online casinos run on money. You are there to win more money. So, it is of great importance that we check out payment methods. Our choice of casinos has multiple payment options.

We also ensure that the casinos we pick support Indian currency. We don’t want you to lose money over transferring your currency to some other form and paying hefty fees.

When you win, online casinos should make it easy for you to withdraw. We never feature online casinos that make life a living hell when it comes to withdrawals.


It’s not always possible to know everything before playing in an online casino. Sometimes all of us have questions that we need to ask. We like it when we can contact the support team of a casino.

You know it’s a great casino when they are always there to help you. If they did not treat their customers right, how do they plan on surviving?


Money matters and so do promotions. If an online casino does not have good bonuses to offer, you will never see them on our list.

We love our bonuses and cashback offers. We know you do too! So, we take this very seriously. If you do not get to experience great offers and amazing bonuses, then it’s not a place we will review or ask you to try.

We think that knowing where you are going to play matters. If you are going to use real money to play, then it is crucial that you get your money’s worth as well.

At Rupee Casinos, we don’t believe in wasting money somewhere where there is no service. We are a premium casino guide with a quality to maintain.

Only a select few online casinos make the cut here at Rupee Casinos.

Now, you can focus on playing well while we take care of where you should play. We are a team, you and us. And, together we can conquer the entire online world, one casino at a time.

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